The 2 hopper 6100 model Universal Airseeder, is a 2 hopper unit with a capacity of around 5.5 tonne. Its simple design makes it easy to operate and maintain.

Standard features include easy calibration and quick cleanout facility, quick change metering system, single/ double air system option and rear tow hitch.

The distribution module consists of two ribbed rollers which provide gentle and accurate metering of grains, small seeds and fertilizer. No roller changes or adjustments are required when changing from fine to coarse product (eg canola to peas). Inspection doors on front and rear, allow easy access to either metering roller. Tank shut off gates" allow operator to manually shut off product flow, so rollers can be inspected or cleaned without having to empty the tank.

Unloading spouts at the bottom of the tank, enable the emptying of each compartment. The operator can quickly change from one seed to another.

Performing a stationary rate test is a matter of removing the door on the primary distributor, sliding on the rate pan and turning the metering transmission with the crank provided.

High flotation tyres, 16/70 x 20 x 12 ply (front castor) and 16.5 x 24 x12 ply are standard.

Features include:

In cab monitor
Front wheel transport hitch and rear tow hitch
Rate test pan with crank
Sliding tank shut off for each hopper
Quick change metering system
Fertilizer screens and internal steps
Clean out doors on the metering system
Hydraulic motor and hoses to tractor
Primary hoses to rear of cultivator
Load/unload auger is optional
Quick coupler for primary hoses
Single or double metering option