The Stubby is robustly manufactured. The frame is constructed of 100mm (4") RHS and heavy duty longitudinal "I" section beams. The rigid hitch is constructed of 205mm x 135mm "I" section beams, with the hitch tongue adjustable to tractor drawbar height and working depth. Tyne sections are heat-treated, nickel chrome high carbon steel. Pivot pins and bushes are 35mm diameter induction hardened. The tyne assemblies are clamped to the implement frame.

Available in 13 Tyne, 15 Tyne and 17 Tyne models


Versatile primary and secondary implement

Use for trash farming and stubble mulch operations

Ideal chisel plough to break up hard pans

High flotation tyres

Excellent trash clearance; wide lead between rows and proven tyne layout

Tyne breakout force adjustable from 4kN (100lbs) to 4.4kN (1000lbs)

Edge-on Tyne 50mm x 32mm (2" x 1¼")

Stubby Trashworker